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Relax Your RIfts Will Be Shipped - Expect Delays

sTeadDyBBsTeadDyBB Posts: 11
edited July 2017 in General
I just thought I'd post this since everyone is in a frenzy on when their order is being shipped. Here's what I've gathered form reading this forum and on reddit.
Note: I've bought one myself and on the waiting list
  1. Cancelled Orders
    This only happens if your address or payment details has any issues. I guess they are too busy to contact you about your order? Anyways can't confirm as I can't find any proof. So double check your order details!

  2. Shipping Locations
    I believe they are all being shipped from one location. I don't have proof so anyone can add to this please do?

  3. Don't Bother Contacting Oculus
    Please don't contact oculus support they have enough emails about people waiting thier rifts. If you don't bother them they can spend more time processing orders, I hope.

  4. Shipping Times / Order Status Says 'Order'
    You are looking at around 14 days to get your order. I belive this time is only getting longer by the day
    11th July - Seems like 4-5 days to get it shipped from Oculus
    14th July - Seems like 7 days to get it shipped from Oculus
    18th July - I'm predicting around 11 days till shipped status

    I'm also reading that Amazon is out of stock so assuming the same with Oculus. Low stock count meaning lots of delays for everyone!

You can see its just getting longer so everyone relax and wait. This sale is great value so should have bought earlier.


  • idimmuidimmu Posts: 87
    Hiro Protagonist
    We have mostly figured out rough ETAs, more than oculus are willing to come up with. Thats the gripe, they do have a rough ETA they just arent willing to tell anyone....for reasons....
  • systemx17systemx17 Posts: 5
    I think it's important they update the purchasing process to advise that there is a back order. I have recently attempted to purchase and only found out about the delay once I contacted support to find out why the payment wasn't processed straight away. At no point during the purchase does it appear that you are not just waiting for the items to get packaged up and shipped straight to you.
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