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Sharing my games with my kids account

CmdrWaffCmdrWaff Posts: 1
so I ordered multiple games on my account. but I want to set up accounts for my kids so their height is correct and they can have their own interface and I want those games available to them also. how do I do that?


  • madamluckmadamluck Posts: 141 Poster of the Week
    As far as I know you can not add games you bought on one account and then add those games to a different account. You would have to purchase them again for new accounts 
  • AstraliteAstralite Posts: 13
    Height is relative in VR. It doesn't matter who's wearing the headset, it'll simply assume that's how tall you are. Even if it's a sitting game or you're even sitting in a standing game, it'll basically be the same as if you were a shorter person. Without tracking of anything below your eyes besides your hands, programs don't really care what you're doing. If you bend down, it's simply just setting the height of where the headset is. (I've lied on the couch with my headset looking up using a BigScreen watching far as the program is concerned, I'm 2ft tall and looking doesn't know the difference)

    In other words, your kids can play on your account and it'll simply adjust as if you were bending down or sitting.

    Might not solve your problem, just saying....
  • cero490cero490 Posts: 204
    Nexus 6
    As @Astralite explained, height is really relative in regards to VR for these reasons. As for your games on more than one account - no, that isn't offered, sorry about that! If using more than just your account, you would then need to purchase each individual title all over again for them to have access on these seperate profiles, however, there is really no reason or even hindrance in having your children just share yours. You would not need to buy everything twice, or more, over and deal with all the extra possible downloads, updates and sign-in's and off's that would have gone with that.
    Worse case scenario: the view is off a bit. The fix? Reset the view! lmao
    Hope this helps! :smile:
  • go.djglassgo.djglass Posts: 3
    edited December 2018
    Steam seems to be the only company getting this right (apart from the native OS). Multiple people using one computer should not share a common account for security/privacy reasons and for parental control reasons in the OP's case above. I'm not telling anyone else my password and neither should you. So why would I purchase a game multiple times so that people using one installation but with different accounts can play? The software is in use by only one person at a time (steam enforces that with shared libraries even with multiple computers involved). Consoles don't make you purchase the software multiple times but you have separate accounts (PS4 is my experience here anyway). Even simply so the different people can track their own high scores and acheivements you need separate accounts. So why hasn't Oculus/Facebook worked this out? It is even in the facebook T's&C;s that you don't share accounts!
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