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Extreme lag after moving titles to SD card?

Hyde99XHyde99X Posts: 14
I was wondering if anyone else here was having this issue with their Gear VR. Literally every program/game that I've moved to my SD card has performed horribly. It's at the point where it's entirely unplayable. I'm using an S7, everything is fully up to date, etc. I also have a Steelseries bluetooth controller and a Gear VR Controller paired with my phone when I'm using my VR. I tried unpairing all controllers to see if maybe that was causing the stutter, but it didn't help. My microSD is one of the highest speeds available, so reading data off of it should be similar if not exact to the limits of reading off internal storage. Deleting and redownloading the app/games has failed to fix this issue. Thought it might be an overheating issue, but that wasn't it either.

Internal storage is so small that it's a ridiculous pain constantly deleting and redownloading stuff. Is this SD issue going to be fixed any time soon?


  • denodandenodan Posts: 40
    Brain Burst
    Why not leave them on sd card, then just transfer game back to main memory when playing and when finished put back on sd need to delete anything, just playing what you want to main memory.
  • denodandenodan Posts: 40
    Brain Burst
    Also you need a very fast sd card
  • JMDaemonJMDaemon Posts: 56
    Hiro Protagonist
    Sd cards are slow.
  • denodandenodan Posts: 40
    Brain Burst
    You get what you pay for with sd cards. You can get fast ones now, but the price does increase with speed.
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