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Update as of July 25th-- Conquest battle nerfs and Daily Logins!

Hello players!

Our July 25th update is complete. Enjoy!

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Update as of July 25th, 2017

Version 2.0.X.X (Rift) | 2.0.XX (GearVR)

New Daily Login rewards!

o   Gold or Scrap daily

o   Weekly Booster packs

o   Mysterious anomaly after 30 consecutive days

Card Changes in preparation for new cards:

o   Blight Tower: Now costs 1 mana instead of 3.

o   A221 Dropship: Now gives 1 Supply Drop spell instead of 2. Now costs 4 instead of 5.

o   Flashbang: Now costs 0 mana instead of 1.

Minor changes to the design of the following Conquest Mode battles:

o   Steelgate Keep (Steelgate Legacy)

o   Hereford Glen (Fairfield Bird of Prey)

o   Broken Boughs (BranDuir of the Bark)

o   Shifting Sands (Amon Dusk)

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