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Would really love to be able to organize my 5 pages of games/apps/stories/ect

thejustchadthejustchad Posts: 11
I would also like to be able to create custom folders or categories. I would love to be able to have a ready to go folder filled with all the best demo choices, for when I'm showing the rift off to visitors. I would also like to be able to separate by required controller types, as well and type of "games" be it story books, room scale, sitting games, or what ever I strikes my fancy. 


  • HeHVRHeHVR Posts: 10
    +1 I'm looking for the same opportunities
  • AuktavionAuktavion Posts: 1
    Im also looking for a solution to this, over 150 apps and no way to organize them. Folders would be the most ideal option.
  • RichooalRichooal Posts: 1,145

    It's not a library if you can't move your shelves where you want to, and put what you like on whatever shelf you like.

    At the moment it's just a bin. Chuck everything in it and try to find it when you want it. :/
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  • savvitosavvito Posts: 26
    Brain Burst
    i find it a super idea! at the moment everything is messey there!
  • elrealchiquielrealchiqui Posts: 141
    Oculus announced last week a huge update for Home: Introducing Rift Core 2.0—Our Biggest Software Update Yet!

    I hope we'll see more customizable things :)
  • ThmoasThmoas Posts: 318
    Im guessing Home front end development will slow down (like its already slowing down for months) and their focus is the new version.
  • cero490cero490 Posts: 204
    Nexus 6
    From the sounds of it, the new update will implement such a thing by turning your games into VR cartridges that you will actually interact with - and from where I stand anyways, this implies the ability to shuffle your assortment of game/app cartridges around the way you would like them to be.
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