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GTX 750 ti VR Performance Review

TDFElegantSquidTDFElegantSquid Posts: 5 Oculus Start Member
After being told "you can't run VR with a gtx 750 ti" I immediately ordered the oculus touch. I am confirming that several games run very smooth. I get a solid 80-90fps in most games, including the vr steam test. Games such as robo recall, raw data, audioshield, pavlov, arizona sunshine, and dead and buried work well, just to name a few. 

I am also using 360 tracking with 2 cameras, aprox 12 feet apart on opposite corners of the room. I get very little tracking issues, aside from my cat walking in front of the sensors.

Although loading screens can be nauseating (must close eyes sometimes) it is all together a very enjoyable experience. I will of course be looking to upgrade in the future, but for anyone curious, a 750ti will work quite well.

What other "terrible" GPU work well that you've tried? Share your experiences.



  • fnordyfnordy Posts: 16
    i was hesitant to buy my summer sale bundle because i "only" own a 1050ti... i am glad i did... i had fear i would buy a new gpu 2 weeks later but to my surprise it runs really well... robo recall is really nice! 
  • the.epic.wrapperthe.epic.wrapper Posts: 2
    Thank you for this comment, it made me make the decision to buy an oculus!
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