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What are your sound settings for showcasing / pointing and laughing at friends?

SitruzSitruz Posts: 66
Hiro Protagonist
I'm having some friends round and will obviously be breaking out the Rift for a few laughs at peoples first experiences with VR. What are your sound setups for showcasing in this way? It will be funny enough seeing people gaming, but with just a picture on the screen it's a bit bland for on lookers. 

What are the best options for mirroring the sound? I'll be outputting to an LED TV so I was thinking HMD to HDMI, and LED TV to HDMI Adpater / Display Port. Have the sound up in the Rift (60 / 70%) then have the TV speaker sound at a lower gentle volume so it can't be heard as an echo to the gamer.

Has anyone tried it in this way? Do I need any special settings / utils to make sure the sound comes through both HMD and TV?
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