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Oculus kicks me out of Guardian zone

FlingusScrambleFlingusScramble Posts: 1
Every 20 minutes or so I get teleported outside of the guardian zone. I'm playing perfectly fine before hand, but suddenly I start getting teleported around like crazy and end up a few feet outside of my guardian zone in the virtual space, despite being right in the center in the real world. Every time this happens I need to perform the sensor setup again, and there are no apparent triggers. Resetting my view in game does not help, I would really appreciate some help here.


  • MulleredMullered Posts: 85
    Hiro Protagonist
    are there any mirrors in your playspace?
  • MorgrumMorgrum Posts: 1,599 Valuable Player
    You've learned how go teleport in real life.....
    Teach me Master!
  • Replicant77Replicant77 Posts: 39
    ooooh, i will have to keep an eye on this. get my unit next week...there is a big glass covered frame on one of the walls which could reflect back to one of the sensors.
  • cleanupdisccleanupdisc Posts: 212
    Nexus 6
    edited August 2017
    Wow so the bottom line is when humans discover how to teleport we will use some form of high tech mirror technology. #MindBlown
  • SyrellarisSyrellaris Posts: 1,035
    Mullered said:
    are there any mirrors in your playspace?
    I ran into the same issue a few times to, by having the guardian system being in the wrong place.. I do have a small mirror on the door xD
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