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Suggestions / Additions

Posted this on Discord but in case you missed it, some suggestions that might be cool. Feel free to add to it.
- 1) A radar either on the HUD or arm that displays opponents (who are mobile) and team mates (static and mobile).
- 2) Distinct notification, either audible or visual when someone is clinging onto you (different notification for team mates & opponents).
- 3) A button on each players back, when pushed by a team mate gives extra speed or a similar + factor, when pushed by an opponent has a disabling factor, i.e. sending you around the space like a deflating balloon might... be awesome.
- 4) This next one might be a little freaky, the option of scanning your face to replace the standard avatar.
- 5) Ability to disable opponents by bashing with the disk and also by throwing it at their heads
- 6) Remove the handle grab when returned / entering the lobby, just spawn outside the pods instead.
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