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Question About VR support on Steam

AidanHooverAidanHoover Posts: 3
Note: I posted this on steam the other day and I only got one vague answer, so this was the next best place. 

So I just ordered an Oculus Rift and am currently waiting for it to ship. I've been looking for games to buy for it. I've noticed that some games, like Resident Evil VII (IIRC), do not have the little symbol that means it supports Vive or Oculus, yet I see people playing the game in VR all the time. Are these people just using PlayStation VR on the PS4, or is it possible to play games in VR that don't claim to support it on the page. Also there are some games that only have the Vive symbol and no Oculus symbol, like Hindenburg VR. Can I still play these with my Oculus? Do most games support VR but just don't say it on the page? If that's the case, why do only some games have these little symbols? (Note that when I say "support VR" I don't mean looking at the screen in VR, I mean being in the game and having a 360 deg view). Are there just some extra hoops to jump through for games that don't support it? This is all pretty confusing.

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