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Impossible to focus? Can I just set it to stay out of focus?

jakeyyy123jakeyyy123 Posts: 2
Hi all,

I have the Galaxy S8/Gear, and use the Oculus video app. I just cant seem to get videos to focus, or spend the entire video tweaking the focus tab on top. The best quality I can get using my VR is when I click to bring up the video controls which takes the focus off any part of the video. It may be the 3D effects that are ruining it. Is there anyway to turn off focusing in general? I know its reaching here, just hoping someone else some advice.

I do not have a screen protector on and have cleaned the screens properly. 


  • jakeyyy123jakeyyy123 Posts: 2
    2/2 I should say that double vision is a huge problem to this.
  • federico.garciadurafederico.garciadura Posts: 2
    Hi Jakeyyy123,
    I have the same problem, video looks much better when the video controls are open.
    Did you find any solution? I have S7 Edge.
  • federico.garciadurafederico.garciadura Posts: 2
    I found a solution. Download the SKYBOX video player. In the video options, click "Monoscopic". You can also change the zoom if required. It seems the problem is not the Gear itself. The video has one single point of view in the recording so using the monoscopic view fixes the focus.
    Hope it helps!

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