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MaxWJMMaxWJM Posts: 1
I just installed the new update for Echo Arena and I read the patch notes, it said it would reset all stats but not change your level and that it wouldnt start a game with less than 2 players, one on each team. the first game I joined the other player had been there on his own for a while and then we both noticed we had been reset backt to level 1. WTF. why cant they ever get this right :( the game then crashed and sent be back to the main menu where I was then unable to find a new server, dispite the message board saying it was online.


  • LilTrashPandaLilTrashPanda Posts: 65 Ready At Dawn
    Hi @MaxWJM

    It sounds like you may have attempted to log in before 10:30 am (when our maintenance completed); logging in before that time would have put you on our dev servers, which have no "record" of your account and is why you would have appeared as a Level 1.

    We updated the game client to point to our live services at 10:30 am, so you should be back to normal now. If you're not, please let us know!
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