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Does updating the payment info put me at the end of the "order queue"?

edited August 2017 in General
Hi all,

So here's the deal:
I ordered my Rift about 2 weeks ago and set up my credit card as the payment method. Today it tried to charge my card but - due to limits I forgot to raise - it failed and put my order to "on hold". I updated my payment info to PayPal ASAP and the status changed back to "Order".

Is that treated as a fresh order? (So I will wait another 2 weeks or more)
Please no.

PS: Also sorry for my English and greetings from Poland.

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    Accepted Answer
    No, I ordered from the main website.
    Thankfully, the status went to "Processing from shipping" today and money has been deducted from my PayPal account, so it seems that Oculus Store handles this situation better :)


  • tangphitangphi Posts: 1
    Hi there.  Are you referring to ordering from Amazon?  When I ordered my Rift on Prime Day, I switched my payment method and went from next day delivery to several weeks later.  IIt seems that Amazon will bump your "position" in line if you update payment and/or shipping info.  I would think any other business would probably treat the situation the same way, too.
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