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Echo Arena Tips And Tricks Guide

epomp447epomp447 Posts: 22
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Quick Intro for Newcomers and Echo Arena Concepts and schemes.

For a more technical list of tips and tricks check out zenchess’ great reddit post it can be found in the link below.

---Linked below.

A defensive act of sending the disc out of ones zone. If you are newcomer be advised, this is a critical aspect of the game that should be learnt as quickly as possible.

The Sweeper

A teammate who generally keeps the action in front of them and is effective at assisting, rebounding, and clearing in an effort to keep the disc in the enemy zone.

The Stopper

Similar to the sweeper with a greater emphasis on defense and clearing the disc out of his team's zone. Similar concept to a “goal keeper” without limiting oneself to the immediate area around the goal. Generally not necessary for most situations except when the enemy is on a hot streak.

The Striker

Typical attacking role. Effective at putting shots on goal and all that jazz.

Zone Defense

A scheme that involves delegating teammates to defend predetermined territories(zones) around the arena. Can be effective at stopping enemy momentum and disrupting the pace of the opposing offense.

Man-Zone Defense

A scheme in which at least one teammate defends an aforementioned zone or territory  while others play traditional man to man defense.

The Spiteful Stunner

Somebody who lurks around seeking only to stun people in an effort to be obnoxious.

The Rage Quitter

A person who promptly becomes enraged when receiving a beating from an enemy and consequently drops out mid-session leaving their teammates to fend for themselves.

Lobby rats

Kids who screw around in the lobby and rarely ever play the actual game. Easily identified. Enough said.

A Brute

Usually a high level enemy opponent who is skilled in many aspects of attack. Can be neutralized with man/zone Defense and stuns.

The Alley Oop

Invented by renowned semi-pro basketball icon Jackie moon, this maneuver involves passing the disk directly to a teammate who is already positioned at the goal for a fast 2 points. Highly effective under time constraints.

The Joust

The act of jockeying for the disc at the beginning of the match for first possession. If executed effectively it can set up fast goals.

The launch

A maneuver that takes place in the launch tunnel pre-match and establishes a setup for the Joust. There are many maneuvers that can be utilized to potentiate the launch such as piggybacking off of teammates. See subreddit for more info on launch physics.

Sniper Shot

A calculated long range shot and subsequent goal by a seasoned player. (these do not include happy accidents)

Pitch and Roller

A player who uses/prefers the alternative movement controls that can be found in the settings at the main menu. Be advised, headaches and sim sickness may occur, results may vary.

Situational Awareness

A veteran understanding of the circumstances and consequences surrounding the match at a given moment. This can be be broken down further into sub categories:

Situational Defense:

Understanding where to be at the right time in order to have the optimal chance at defending an enemy attack. Schemes such as man or zone defense can be applied here. It can also be as simple as recognizing the enemy's most threatening player and minimizing their ability to impact the match.

Situational offense:

Understanding the best path to exploit the enemy's defenses to create the most optimal scenario for a successful attack. Examples include assisting other teammates, or positioning oneself in unguarded enemy territory for a quick catch and shoot.

Cherry Picker

A player who waits by the enemy's goal and generally does not play any defense. It is frowned upon in most cases. However it can prove to be effective in some situations such as setting up a quick goal due to time constraints.

Predators/Predator Offense/Attacking

Mercilessly attacking a low level enemy team. Tactics include are but not limited to: running up the score, playing keep away, only shooting 3 point shots. Basically toying with the enemy team as if they were prey.

The “Righteous” Ones

Morally conscious players who slow down or stop attacking when they perceive the match to be over in their favor. Tactics include trick shots, or advising the other team and/or letting them score. Generally these players intend to be  polite and sportsmanlike. However, certain actions can be perceived by the opposed team as predatory in nature such as playing keep away, sniping, etc.


Often occurring around the goal area, a frantic collision of multiple players on either team resulting in numerous stuns or counter stuns, rapid changes of possession and interceptions due to the close proximity of most or all of the players in the match.


A passive celebratory dance move popularized by Cam Newton, Quarterback of the Carolina Panthers. He later went on to lose the Superbowl 50 that very same year.

Hope you found this useful. 

Good luck to all in the arena,


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