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Performance of my S7 Edge with the Gear VR getting worse over time...

SeisiuneerSeisiuneer Posts: 10
About a month ago, I picked up an ATT S7 Edge and Gear VR plus the controller.

The phone has Android 7.0 Nougat already installed. Also got the CUVR cooler for the phone.

Everything seemed to be going fine for a few weeks, nice and smooth. I'd close all the running apps before VR use, and go to the Memory controls in the device control panel and unload everything I could. Now and it would act up then I'd reboot the phone just to clear everything out.

Now it's becoming less and less usable even with restarts. I'm getting graphics tearing and stutters all the time, AV sync issues in Skybox, etc. I now understand what some people are complaining about.

Short of wiping the phone and starting over, which really isn't an option as I have everything else on the device the way I like it, what sorts of steps does one typically do to sort out these sorts of issues? Are there specific apps I should delete and reload? App caches I should clear?

Is there any benefit to getting one of the package disablers and turning off certain CPU eating services that aren't available any other way?

I'm about ready to abandon the whole platform as unsuited for public consumption.

Thanks for any suggestions!


  • JMDaemonJMDaemon Posts: 56
    Hiro Protagonist
    Keep in mind when you start manually closing apps.. android starts to quickly pre-load apps into that empty memory space. Go ahead and click off that shoddy programmed game or close down a chrome with 10 tabs, but other wise leave the task window alone. Android is pretty strict about giving very little processes to background apps these days, too. 
  • SeisiuneerSeisiuneer Posts: 10
    edited August 2017
    Interesting. Performance seems to have gotten more stable since I first posted about my problems. The CUVR definitely helps, and I'm able to use the Gear VR as it was intended most of the time these days.  There have been several Oculus updates, recently, don't know if they fixed some issues. Which begs the question, is there somewhere where they list the Oculus Home and other update release notes?
  • jons190jons190 Posts: 138 Oculus Start Member
    edited August 2018
    I too am seeing this phenomenon on my s7  (carrier Verizon)   I test and dev on it and I have completely re-optimized my game and went from 46 draw calls to 20-ish over the last month or two  and have actually seen a DECREASE in performance on my s7. 
    In that time I have taken three different Oculus updates and  one Verizon update.    I suspect the Verizon update.....   This week I will do a full test on the Go and suspect I will NOT have any of these performance issues ( rendering tears and strange lags that were not there before)
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