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Racing Games with 'Virtual Wheel'?

dabruuzerdabruuzer Posts: 10
Probably a silly question, but as I already own Assetto Corsa and Project Cars in Steam, I thought I would ask.  I don't really want to buy a wheel/pedal setup, so I was wondering if there was a way to steer via the Touch controllers, as if I was gripping a virtual steering wheel (without actually gripping anything physical in the real world) to control the car.  Is this at all possible in any driving simulators?  Like I said, racing sims are not something I play frequently enough to invest in a wheel/pedal set.  Thanks in advance.


  • nalex66nalex66 Posts: 5,529 Volunteer Moderator
    I think there is a flying sim that does that, but I haven't heard of any racing games that do. It would be a nice option, because frankly, steering with a gamepad is not that great.

    I would love to play PCARS and Assetto Corsa a wheel/pedals setup, but they're pretty pricey for their limited use, and I don't really have a good space for it anyway.
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  • dabruuzerdabruuzer Posts: 10
    I was thinking of a set up with the aforementioned 'Virtual Wheel', where you could also control throttle and braking by leaning or pushing forward or back on the wheel.  Sort of like if you hit the brakes in real life, gravity pushes you forward, and when you accelerate it pushes you back.

    If you think about it, with the motion tracking of the Touch controllers, the game could even allow you to let go of the 'Virtual Wheel' and shift gears with one hand, with simulated on-screen motions, like the way Lone Echo simulates your hand touching or grabbing different surfaces.

    It can be done - developers make it so! ;)
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