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best definitive way to dust off/clean lenses on cv1?

HiCZoKHiCZoK Posts: 230
Mine is coming sometime next week and I've read countless posts about people scratching their lenses with anything they've tried. Even included cloth. I am not wearing glasses btw and I know to blew out dust before cleaning.
I had some scratches on dk1 and none on dk2 but I want to focus on gaming and enjoying myself rather than babying over the lenses like crazy. I only got widmovr so far (the dude who owns the company is awesome) so foam is taken care off. Just need some solution for lenses.

How does glasses cleaning wet wipes work?
Should I get other microfiber cloth?
Should I get a brush or some lens pen? If so, which one?
Would hyperkin protector be ok? I don't like idea of putting screen protector on there.. and it's stupidly expensive here (Poland)

Are lenses plastic or glass?


  • RoasterRoaster Posts: 1,052
    edited August 2017
    I'm not tech support.
    Lenses are plastic, so fragile.
    Do not use wet method according to oculus.
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  • ruskie666ruskie666 Posts: 32
    Brain Burst
    I have mentioned the best way to clean lens in a previous post:

    "Try using distilled water/deionized water and microfibre cloth. Dampen the cloth to clean the lenses and use another cloth to dry it."
  • HiCZoKHiCZoK Posts: 230
    So just water. That's good to hear. I clean my monitor this way too
  • ruskie666ruskie666 Posts: 32
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    Not from a tap though as that can contain minerals or other substances that can cause streaks.
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