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Dear Oculus/Facebook.

Dave1RobinsonDave1Robinson Posts: 3
I initially ordered a Rift direct from Oculus for the Summer Sale. Honestly I was a little disappointed in the fiasco of ordering. But after being cancelled on, grrr, I immediately ordered off of Amazon, and that went very well. Upon receiving the Rift, I have to say, I'm very impressed. The product seemed very well made, and everything has worked very well out of the box. I can't buy games from inside my Oculus, which blows, but I *can* buy from Amazon, and your code entry works fine, so it's really a non issue at this point. Although I'd love if you guys worked out your credit card problems... it would be beautiful to be able to buy from inside the Rift.  ;)   Anyways, I just wanted to say, nice work on this. I haven't used a Vive, so I have no comparison to that, but the Rift just feels great. It fits your head ok, although wearing glasses with it, is a pain. Literally. I have what I feel are pretty small frames and they don't fit comfortably inside the unit. Luckily my eyesight without them is good enough in the Rift it almost feels like a graphical filter. So I'm not too concerned by that. One thing I'd love to see you guys at Oculus consider. I'm a cancer patient, and have a problem with nerve damage that causes muscle weakness. The weight of the Rift, although it seems like guys really did your best to make it as light as you could, and that shows, is just a little too much for my head, and muscle strength. So my neck tires out very quickly. I'm going to fashion a ghetto counter weight, but I'd love to see an approved product that maybe connects to the back of the Rift, as a counter weight to the front weight of the Rift. It would very much reduce or get rid of neck strain while using the Rift! You could even charge 30 or 40 dollars for it. It wouldn't matter to me, as long as it was well made and fit comfortably on the Rift!  Thanks for a great product, as a fairly techy guy, I forgive launch issues pretty readily, and I've already had enough enjoyment from Lone Echo, that I completely forgive all the launch issues I've experienced. So to reiterate. Thanks for a really great product. If it lasts a year at 400 dollars, I'll be a happy camper. Appreciate the hard work and dedication. I'm sure the Summer Sale kind of caught you guys off guard.  ;)  Keep up the good work, and I'm confident you'll get back all that traction you guys lost when Vive released with VR controllers.  ;)  Nice work Oculus. Tell Carmack I said hello. He was a major reason I chose to go with Oculus. Not to mention the 400 dollar price point. Good luck guys, and again, nice work.


  • w_benjaminw_benjamin Posts: 98
    Hiro Protagonist
    Instead of adding more weight, have you thought about a neck brace, like a foam one?

    You could use it to rest on, then lift your chin off it to move your head from side to side.

    Not ideal, but it would allow you to rest your neck muscles while you build them up from wearing the headset.

    My neck muscles got sore when I first got the RIft, but now I don't even notice the weight of it anymore.
  • Dave1RobinsonDave1Robinson Posts: 3
    My problem isn't my strength. It's that my nerves are damaged. So I get the feeling of being fatigued. Adding weight to the back will keep it from being an issue. Holding my straight up, with no extra weight forward or backward, is easy. Even with 3-5 extra lbs I could do that with low to zero issues. But just throwing 1-5lbs in the front of my face, is a problem. It doesn't seem like the weight of the Rift itself is that much, so adding that amount of weight to the back of the head should be fine. A neck brace would ruin the experience I think? I'll try anything though.  ;)

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