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Literal mirrors?

RavenWorksRavenWorks Posts: 65
Hiro Protagonist
This post isn't about the 'mirror plane' symmetry tool, but rather, actual (virtual) mirrors, the kind you look into.

I often find myself wishing I could see how an adjustment I'm making affects both sides of the model at once.... Would it be possible to add a mirror somewhere in the workspace, so I could glance at the reflection while I'm working, rather than having to spin the model around after completing the change? (Or having the option to drop a second, intangible 'instance' of the model into the world, maybe? One that would reflect all the changes done to the real one...)


  • P3nT4gR4mP3nT4gR4m Posts: 1,673 Valuable Player
    Medium already has a mirror plane like you describe it's called photo-mode. Basically, if you bring up photo mode from the menu then select world and grab you can position them photo plane behind your model, then spin it round so it's in selfie mode and turn off grab control.

    Most everything will still work except alt-tool which will now take photos and the visual fidelity will drop a touch but it should get the effect you're after.
  • RavenWorksRavenWorks Posts: 65
    Hiro Protagonist
    Ahh, thanks! That works pretty well.... it's a bit small, and it's not stereo unfortunately, but it's a start!
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