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Samsung TV no sound after third Oculus Setup

AugustusCaesarAugustusCaesar Posts: 1

I have the following Problem:

Yesterday I got an Oculus Rift as a present. I installed it with no problem. Since my PC has only one HDMI slot, I had to use an Displayport to HDMI Adapter for my Samsung TV I use as a Monitor. Usually it is connected through the HDMI Slot.

Now I had to redo the Oculus Setup 3 times because of Sensor Tracking Problems. The first two times were okay, I could hear sound from both Oculus when I wear it and TV.

But on the third time today, while it installed my TV flickered a few times, and since then I don't get any sound from my TV anymore, while the Oculus still works. The Oculus headphones even make sounds from the PC which they didn't before. My TV also isn't displayed under "Manage Audio Devices" anymore ("show disabled/disconnected devices" is turned on). It doesn't matter if I plug the TV into the HDMI or the Displayport Adapter. Redoing the Oculus Setup also didn't work.

I already tried several things with the help from someone on a different forum, please read here to see what I already did. I am really getting desperate right now -_- ... :

If someone could help me, that would be great! Thank you in advance!


  • luciano87spluciano87sp Posts: 14
    I have the same problem. I have a Samsung TV connected to the PC, and when I disconnect the Oculus and connect the TV I have no sound on the TV. I also do not see the option of HDMI Audio on windows.
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