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Suggestions from the Lobby

I was waiting in the lobby for a game when the subject of music came up, and there was a really good suggestion thrown out that I wanted to put here for the dev team...

The idea was as follows:  

As a user (or team!) I want the option to pay to host their own lobby & arena, so that I can customize it to my own liking, with my team logo, colors, and most importantly, what music plays in the lobby and Arena.  

The servers could still be controlled by Ready at Dawn(joust lag has to be fair!), but In exchange for paying the server costs, the person paying to host could:

1. partially re-skin the lobby(posters, custom leader board text, lighting, etc) and arena (team logos, home court advantage!) Graphics might need to be approved or the reporting system extended to cover them (nothing hateful or too vulgar)

2. pick the music that plays in the lobby and during the game. It might need to be linked to the users associated music streaming account, so that royalties etc are taken care of?

I love the game, keep up the good work!
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