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Right eye blacks are brighter than left

Fiat-NoxFiat-Nox Posts: 1
I'm noticing a difference between the right and left eye when the screen is mostly or totally black. It's very evident if I go into Quill and set the background to pure black. After I close the palette and let my eyes adjust to the darkness for a few seconds, I see muddy, uneven blacks in both eyes, but the left is considerably darker over most of its area, while the right is more of a very dark grey. The right eye is still bright enough to detect the screen door effect over most of its area, while the left does not show pixilation (on average -- as I said, both are muddy and the left does have some brighter areas near the top where pixilation can be detected, while the right has a small darker area towards the bottom). I think I might notice this effect with other very dark solid colors, too, but it's so slight that it could be my imagination, while the pure blacks are very obvious. It's less noticeable when there's another color on screen, so I haven't seen it too much in games so far, but it is still a bit jarring on, for example, the IPD adjustment screen or some title/loading screens. Is this just a quirk of the Rift, or should I be concerned that my hardware is defective in some way? Here's an image I made in Photoshop to sort of approximate what I'm seeing.


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