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URGENT: How to get input from touchpad in samsung internet?

geomodelrgeomodelr Posts: 3
Hi guys. Right now frustrated is an understatement. I'm trying to get to use the touchpad of the Gear VR in a samsung internet WebVR app. (I'm trying to use the controller too, I have tried F$%&G everything).

First I tried to use the touchpad as a gamepad, as some people has used it, (but they haven't specified if they uninstalled all the oculus %$&# and used chrome and cardboard). I haven't been able to get samsung internet to recognize it as a gamepad, not in my project, not in Then I tried to use oculus browser, but it does not get into presentation mode. Then I tried to work in oculus carmel, but I can't navigate the internet, only some dumb examples. I installed the samsung internet beta, but it does not work with the VR so I don't know if it solves my problem.

Finally I gave up with the gamepad thing, and tried to use it as a touchpad. I entered to Samsung Internet and everything was fine, until I got into presentation mode and then the touchpad stopped working. Could someone please tell me what to do? Right now I'm in hell.
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