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Feature request for visual accessibility (zoom button)

TeldanTeldan Posts: 2
edited August 2017 in Support
Hey Oculus Team,

i'm one of the many bad sighted gamers out there. My eyes are so bad (< 10% right, < 1% left) that standard glasses doesn't help anymore. For standard displays i can use my magnifiers and binoculars but in VR Headset that's not an option.

So my gaming experience depends on a good accessibility of the visual components especially the menus. I have a very hard time reading menus if they have a fixed position in the world that i can't get close enough to, and i mean nose-to-screen-close.

A very helpful feature for this problem would be holding or pressing a button combination to zoom in the visible picture by 2x or 4x or in steps by pressing multiple times r something similar.

Some menus are so badly implemented that even people with standard sight have a hard time to read them.

Please consider implementing such a feature globally in your Oculus Home Software to make it usable in every VR Software. Because i can't even read the menus in Oculus Home ... i have to put down the Headset und read the text with a magnifier in the normal display in the Oculus Mirror App ...

I guess i'm not the only one that would have a good use for such a feature that would make the VR life much easier and even more awesome.

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