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Feature request for visual accessibility (zoom button)

TeldanTeldan Posts: 2
edited August 2017 in Support
Hey Oculus Team,

i'm one of the many bad sighted gamers out there. My eyes are so bad (< 10% right, < 1% left) that standard glasses doesn't help anymore. For standard displays i can use my magnifiers and binoculars but in VR Headset that's not an option.

So my gaming experience depends on a good accessibility of the visual components especially the menus. I have a very hard time reading menus if they have a fixed position in the world that i can't get close enough to, and i mean nose-to-screen-close.

A very helpful feature for this problem would be holding or pressing a button combination to zoom in the visible picture by 2x or 4x or in steps by pressing multiple times r something similar.

Some menus are so badly implemented that even people with standard sight have a hard time to read them.

Please consider implementing such a feature globally in your Oculus Home Software to make it usable in every VR Software. Because i can't even read the menus in Oculus Home ... i have to put down the Headset und read the text with a magnifier in the normal display in the Oculus Mirror App ...

I guess i'm not the only one that would have a good use for such a feature that would make the VR life much easier and even more awesome.



  • eagleeyezeagleeyez Posts: 108

    I too am badly partially sighted and love VR and also developing in VR the problem is reading any text in VR like the menus or in game.

    I can only get around this by one of two things.

    1.       I stream the Quest to a tablet or ChrimcastV3 to a TV and someone reads to me what I am seeing and maybe want to click or setup.

    2.       I use an adb command to capture a screenshot and then zoom into that picture on the pc.


    All very bad and accessibility discriminating. Think about all android phones now, they have TTS, zoom and are user friendly. This has to come somehow to VR, so Oculus come on and change the game and be the first to help the disabled.      


    A very simple way to just get us in for the beginning would be to let us use a fly-around the menu camera and be able to get really close.

    At the moment with tracking we can move ourselves physically towards the menu, get closer to read but then you decided to fade out because we are getting to close. Don’t fade, let us get as close as we like. Best would be lit us fly.


    Nicer would be to actually activate TTS, so that menu items or even text in games can be read out to us. Android can do this already but you can’t.


    Another way would be here as mentioned. Zooming in to your text in the environment.  This would just be actually being able to move the camera around where you like while holding a button. That way I don’t have to move myself closer to the text.

     I can already do all that in my own unity project using some plugins but I cannot use your home screen. So let me build my own home screen .

    Also being able to change all the Quest settings in the Android app or PC app would be great too.


    I am going to keep at this and post to other forums and pray that something better can be done for people with bad eyesight or like me with really bad eyesight.


    Thank you all for any help or suggestions here. I will try anything.




  • eagleeyezeagleeyez Posts: 108

    Yahoo, yes and yes. I have just tried out the oculus link cable mode (pc stream to Quest) and this is a slightly different menu but as partially sighted you can pull the menus and settings bar towards you and place them as you like. You can even overlay them and pin them around you if you want. I can even pull them like a few millimetres in front of my nose. I can see now a lot more and can orientate myself around the menus and settings, but I am extremely partially sighted and could still do with a bigger text or when so close just click the text and TTS should read it back to me. That would be a game changer for me and others but also a bit of magic.

    This makes it for the very first time for someone with sight problems to actually pull the menu closer and read them.

    This however does not work yet in the standard home screen but I will write to Oculus and beg them to carry on with this super new feature that actually helps the disabled to use Oculus Quest and maybe other products from Oculus.


    Thank you Oculus and please listen when I write to you soon.

    I will be making a complete video tomorrow of this and how I use VR with Oculus as a nearly blind person. And yes there still needs to be more done but I know now that Oculus are on the way just like Xbox is.

     I will post the video link here tomorrow


  • eagleeyezeagleeyez Posts: 108

    so many years later and Just as I thought facebook is not interested in helping with making the oculus accessible to partially sighted people.

  • vVSoulHunterVvvVSoulHunterVv Posts: 1
    Yes, it makes me relly sad that nothing major happened until now. A friend of mine thought it would be a good idea to get me one for christmas but I cant even navigate the menus because the text is way too small and far away for me. this zoom feature (that would be akin to the magnifier in windows) would be a life saver.
  • ViRiX_DreamcoreViRiX_Dreamcore Posts: 1
    I am very excited to get the Quest 2, however without these features, the device is not entirely useful to me. So I'm holding off until that gets implemented in some form. Maybe a button that you can press that opens up a little magnifier that is atached to the controller that you can hold up to whatever you want, that way it won't really throw you entirely out of the experience. 
  • MasterluckMasterluck Posts: 1
    Signed, I also have very bad eyes, under 5%, and would love to have a zooming option for text. At the moment, when I can't read something I take off the headset and look on the screen with windows magnifier. Also I have the Rift CV1, which hasn't a very high resolution, which makes it even harder to see the text.

    And a little hint for developers. Look at Tilt Brush from Google. They put the menu in the left hand. So you can bring it very close to your eyes. That's a really cool idea and would solve most problems. Don't put the menu on a big screen, 4m away from the player. That's not very accessible and therefore bad design.
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