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My usb 3 ports are not working. Using whole bundle on usb 2

HiCZoKHiCZoK Posts: 230
I have only two usb 3.1 ports and those are etron controller on my old mobo. The compat tool did not raised any alarm but the rift setup did and sensors throw error during setup. I am using my usb 2.0 ports and everything seems to work fine.

Is there any reason to get usb 3 card?


  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,156 Oculus Staff
    USB 2.0 is technically supposed to be slightly lesser quality than 3.0, but I've found there is no noticeable difference in practice. If you really care, you can get this add-on card.
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  • HiCZoKHiCZoK Posts: 230
    Thanks. yeah, it seems to work quite well. I have only 2 sensor (by sides of monitor, set on speakers) setup so I probably might not need usb 3 then. I would have to order the card from abroad ( to Poland) and the cost adds up quickly.

    Anyway - I love this thing. Touch controllers are just unbelievable 
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