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Can't select on Videos and 360 Photos

Paulq813Paulq813 Posts: 13
I am using touch controllers and I cant figure out how to select things in 360 Photos app or Videos App. Can someone help my stupidity cause I can't figure it out. My touch controllers dont select anything when I press any buttons.


  • PumpkinTHRASHERPumpkinTHRASHER Posts: 4
    You'll need an Xbox or other controller input.  Touch doesn't work in these apps I believe 
  • BH-VietnamBH-Vietnam Posts: 1
    same issue here. anyone can help?
  • cljacobuscljacobus Posts: 2
    for fucks sake.  i am using an oculus rift s, with oculus touch controllers and i need a fucking xbox controller to use this oculus app?  absolutely fucking absurd.

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