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Missing Booster Pack

mistry-mysterymistry-mystery Posts: 1
I recently hit level 15 for Eclipse and it showed that I received a booster pack as a level up reward as usual. However, when I went to the main menu (of the game) where the booster packs usually show up for me to open, there was nothing there. I don't think it automatically opened and the cards went to my collection so if somebody can help me with it I'd be grateful.


  • HVS_ClaireHVS_Claire Posts: 200 High Voltage Software
    edited August 2017
    Hey @mistry-mystery you seem to have experienced a visual bug telling you that you earned a booster. I've reported your bug to the dev team and we'll get it straightened out. Thanks a bunch! For reference, the current level rewards are as follows:
    • First Win= 1 booster
    • Level 3= 1 booster
    • Level 5= 1 booster
    • Level 10= Faction Mask
    • Level 20= 500 Gold
    • Level 30= 750 Gold
    • Level 40= 1,000 Gold
    • Level 50= Master Mask
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