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When connecting the second sensor it is connected but does not work.

Wild_RatWild_Rat Posts: 2
When connecting the second sensor it is connected but does not work. Writes "Poor tracking quality" The second sensor was purchased in conjunction with the controllers Touch.
How to solve a problem?
When you hover the cursor on the question mark, writes: Wireless sync timed out.


  • KeromorKeromor Posts: 7
    are you connected through a USB hub and then a longer cable or some setup similar ? the cable cant handle the data, I had my Sensor and headset through a USB hub and then a cable to my PC ... Same error, replaced with an active USB Extension cable, way longer than the first and problem solved.
  • Wild_RatWild_Rat Posts: 2
    A standard cable that comes with sensors. Is connected without extension to the hub on the motherboard. Tried to connect to different ports, does not help. :(
  • ThatTechGuyThatTechGuy Posts: 66
    Hiro Protagonist
    edited August 26
    does the sensor work without the extension cord? if the sensor works without the extension cord then the cord is bad. also make sure the plastic is taken off the sensors and the sensor is clean. use the included cloth to clean the sensor. I only include the bit about the plastic because I was dumb and removed the plastic from one of my sensors and forgot about the other sensor. lol
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