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New to Rift - can't download/install apps

metalmancpametalmancpa Posts: 3
Hi. Just got the Rift yesterday and went through the setup (and also did a repair install). Got through the initial VR guide with the robot and can sit with headset on in the home area. But whether I do from the PC (Alienware Aurora R6) or the Rift, if I add an app to the library, it shows Not Installed. When I click on download absolutely nothing happens. No error message, nothing. So thus far I cannot run anything because I can't download/install anything. I am in the middle of dealing with support but figured I'd throw out my issue here on the forums. Thank you.


  • metalmancpametalmancpa Posts: 3
    As a side note I tried by disabling Norton and that did nothing.
  • RoasterRoaster Posts: 1,053
    When I click on an app in the store (from the desktop window) such as "The Raven" it changes to a description of the thing and on the right is a blue button marked FREE.
    I hit the blue button and it changes to INSTALL, but it starts downloading automatically so you don't have to click on it.  After the download it changes to START and is available for use.
    Describe in detail what happens when you do these steps.
    i7-5820K @ 4.2Ghz, water cooled, Asus X99-Pro USB 3.1, 48 Gb DDR4 2400, Samsung 950 pro M.2 SSD, GTX 980 Ti SC, 750w psu
  • metalmancpametalmancpa Posts: 3
    I uninstalled everything and started from scratch after a PC reboot. Installed with default directories and was able to download.
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