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{!ERROR!} [Kernel:Default] Cannot serialize non-finite value

andrinosandrinos Posts: 12
Hi - hoping I can get some help. I just got my Rift last week and my HMD keeps freezing. Like the image just freezes. I can hear the game still running and I'm even able to tell my team I'm stuck. I'm able to close out the Oculus desktop software and then all is fine. However, it interrupts my games randomly. I've attached my log if anyone has any ideas. Thanks in advance!


  • andrinosandrinos Posts: 12
    I should note that I have a GTX 1070 running on an i5 4670K w/ 8GB. I also use a 4K monitor at full resolution and 60Hz through a displayport. Yesterday I lowered my resolution to 1920x1080 and I have not had my headset crash. Hoping it stays that way.
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