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Maximum USB 2.0 extender cable length for 3rd sensor setup

BirdynatorBirdynator Posts: 3
edited August 25 in Support

so i got the rift last week and tried the standard 2 sensor setup which worked quite good.

In the next step, i ordered a 3rd sensor and a USB 2.0 active extender cable. The cable has a length of 9,75m (about 32 feet).

At first, the sensor setup gave me an error, my sensors seemed not to be properly connected but that error disappeared a few seconds later so i thought this was just a false alarm.

I've had a hard time, finding a position for the sensors, the oculus setup was fine with.

So when everything was finally set up, i noticed some stuttering of the guardian borders and the touch controllers.
Which was actually quite strange as the front sensor location was nearly the same as with only two sensors connected, and as mentioned before, that worked quite fluently.

I relocated the sensors and the motion improved a little bit, at least that's what i assume.

Now i wonder: Is the USB 2.0 active cable length too long with 9,75m (32 feet)?

Thank you!


  • BoneboysBoneboys Posts: 26
    Brain Burst
    edited August 25
    I believe the recommended max distance between 3rd and furthest sensor is 4.3m.

    If you're using 3 sensors, try to put your front 2 sensors 3-9 feet (1.2.7 meters) in front of where you'll be wearing your headset. Then put your rear sensor straight back from one of your front sensors, and no more than 14 feet (4.3 meters) away from the farthest front sensor.

    My setup is 4.5m distance between the furthest apart sensors, however my 360° play area (optimal) is off-set from my desk. My two front sensors allow for sitting experiences, while the 360° (3rd sensor) still functions.

    Any further and tracking is poor.

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  • BirdynatorBirdynator Posts: 3
    Thanks for the reply!

    The cable is 9.75m but the rear sensor is of course much closer. I guess it is about 3 meters away from the front sensors. I tried to hide the cable behind the furniture.

    The question is, is the cable too long to transmit the required data rate and is the latency low enough. Even though it is an active extender cable.
  • cleanupdisccleanupdisc Posts: 176
    You might need a repeater to give it more power at such long distance?
  • BirdynatorBirdynator Posts: 3
    So is there a recommended maxium length for an active USB extender cable for the rear sensor? Or atleast some advice like "don't use cables longer than xx meter/feet
  • BoneboysBoneboys Posts: 26
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    edited August 25
    If you purchased a 3rd sensor there should have been a 5m active USB2 cable included.
    So yes your cable is too long.
    5m should work.
    In the near future there may well be a supported 4 sensor setup.
    Get a Grasp, get a Grip, get Rifting.
  • steveco99steveco99 Posts: 9
    I tried two old 32 ft. Monoprice active USB 2.0 extensions I had lying around as a test (on the two front sensors), in combination with the new 15 ft. Monoprice extension shipped with the 3rd sensor as well.   All of the sensors were detected without issue, and tracked perfectly well.  Length is much less of an issues with USB 2.0 than with USB 3.0. 
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