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Please help vr not docking or "working"

heidi.riversheidi.rivers Posts: 3
Ive had my 2017 vr about three weeks using it with Samsung 8 ots worked marvelously!!!
Then my phone had error of "moisture detected in port" after this message my VR hasnt worked ....please help any ideas??
So far ive cleared cashe,forcestop,restarted in safe mode it now has cleared the moisture in port (which my phone never got wet...&anyways isnt that supposed to be a glorious feature???...ugh so frustrated)
My vr still isnt working,my phone does charge,i still cant make or get calls except intermittent times best when bluetoothed in car or using facebook or aps i can call out but not through phone dialer.......looking for help i need my vr an my phone....


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