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small monitor required - what is the smallest a vr setup could reasonably get away with?

oomskaoomska Posts: 1
Hi there!
so I've just ordered a VR ready PC and oculus to hopefully arrive next week - i'm beyond excited!  one i'm stuck on is the choice of monitor.  the only thing i will use this pc for is VR so i do not want a big monitor - if fact i'm very tight on desk space so i want the smallest thing i can get aways with.  i'm assuming i can drive a small monitor via dvi and the oculas via hdmi - but as a mac user i'm not sure what the minimum screen real estate i can get away with is - i.e. would a 10" monitor be too small???  does anyone here small monitor for their vr setup and if so can you recommend anything?  all advice gratefully received and sorry for such a noob question!
many thanks


  • DibelabbesDibelabbes Posts: 80
    Hiro Protagonist
    You could use an app like Splashtop (free) to just remote into the PC from your phone or tablet. The app even works when your PC isn't unlocked yet, but it does require a one time setup (you can use your tv if you don't have a PC screen at all) and it doesn't work within games.

    Other than that, no idea what the minimum screen resolution is that Oculus wants. I would assume that every monitor that is at least 720p should work.

    P.S. Give PC gaming a chance. If you are into VR, chances are great that you will enjoy regular gaming as well and a PC VR compatible PC is in general more powerful than a PS4 or PS4 Pro (GTX 1070 or higher is also faster than a XBoneX).
  • BeastyBaiterBeastyBaiter Posts: 810
    I think pretty much any monitor will work for your purposes. In fact, so would a tv set so long as it's modern-ish (needs right plugs).
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