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Scared to play?

b-twiceb-twice Posts: 50
Hiro Protagonist
I have been a "lobby rat" for about a week now...have been playing around with the disc in the practice arena a lot, trying to grab the disc from others, trying to throw through the goal, switching directions, etc.  BUT when I am in there with others who have many matches on their record I absolutely suck.  I feel intimidated...should I?  Should i just go for it and expect a lot of trash talk?  I want to be good at it but dont want to look like an idiot either... how did you guys get started?


  • nalex66nalex66 Posts: 5,421 Volunteer Moderator
    If you're comfortable with the basic mechanics of moving, boosting, punching, and blocking, then it's time to get into matches. The one thing you won't have had a chance to try is launching and jousting, so just follow the lead of your teammates. Most people are very friendly, so don't be afraid to speak up and say that you're new, and ask questions.

    When the match starts, go into one of the launch tubes with another player and hang onto their back. They will handle launching, and you can go along for the ride. Once you get out in the arena, you can chase the disc, or you can try to help your team by punching the opponents to stun them.

    Skill-based matchmaking is active, but it will take a few matches to generate a rating for you. After a few games, you should find yourself mostly playing with other people on your skill level.
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  • b-twiceb-twice Posts: 50
    Hiro Protagonist
    Awesome thanks for the response.
  • cybernettrcybernettr Posts: 939
    Also, accept your limitations, as I addressed on this thread:
  • b-twiceb-twice Posts: 50
    Hiro Protagonist
    Thanks for that other thread cybernettr... I agree with your assessment and I know my limitations... I hate to fail so I am timid when I have not actually played... I'll just go for it later tonight after I work out some bugs I am having getting my 3 sensors to work right! :-)
  • b-twiceb-twice Posts: 50
    Hiro Protagonist
    Well I got over my initial "fear" and played 2 matches so far and it is friggin awesome... not easy but just awesome! I need to work on my skills now.. Love this game!
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