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Floor Plan: Hands-On Edition now available for Rift!

HoldenTBHoldenTB Posts: 23
Brain Burst
Today we released a big update to Floor Plan that we're calling Floor Plan: Hands-On Edition. For those who haven't seen it before, Floor Plan is a puzzle-adventure game that takes place entirely inside an elevator. It's our love letter to classic point and click adventure games, re-imagined for VR.

Oculus store page:

Hands-On Edition is a remaster of the original game's controls for Oculus Touch. It also has support for a few other requested features like elevator-scale tracking (which works with 180 or 360 setups), multiple save slots, achievements, and improved quality settings. If you have a large play area, you can walk around the elevator and push buttons, pick up things, and throw them. If you're using a standing-only setup, you can toggle reticles from the controllers to hit things from afar. Of course, the classic gaze-based controls with the Xbox controller and Oculus Remote are still supported too.

This is a free update for everyone who already owns Floor Plan, and if you don't already have the game, it's 33% off this week. Hope you enjoy, and happy to answer any questions about the game!


  • underhillvrunderhillvr Posts: 3
    It played right after I bought it, then it crashed.  Now, when I open the game, it just shows a giant couch in space. The game won't start.  I've wiped out all the files and re-downloaded it, and still nothing.  What gives?
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