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GPU Usage and Frame drops

Tempa7Tempa7 Posts: 6

So i am playing Luckys Tale and at the starting area ( when he stands in front of the door) when move my head away and to him Fps frop from 90 to like 85 (stutter). Gpu Headrooms goes all the way down aswell.

Looking at Precision X, my Gpu usage is only at 65%.

What could be the problem? I just updated the Drivers ( no fresh install) and isntalled the Riftdisplay.inf data.


  • TehJumpingJawaTehJumpingJawa Posts: 51
    Hiro Protagonist
  • Tempa7Tempa7 Posts: 6
    Sorry forgot to post specs.

    gtx 980 and i7 4790k (4,4ghz) So i dont think the CPU is a problem
  • BeastyBaiterBeastyBaiter Posts: 788
    CPU probably. Your computer is only as fast as its slowest component. Additionally, some games heavily favor a single CPU core/thread and will completely ignore the rest of it. Thus you can have a 16 core, 32 thread CPU and still have a CPU bottleneck with only 3% of the total CPU used. It's a bad programming practice, but is very common sadly.
  • kazerellokazerello Posts: 2
    Very odd. I disagree politely with BeastyBaiter though, the 4790k is not a slouch by any means, and if anything itd be the 980 4gb that'd be the bottleneck. 
    Right now VR is kind of crazy, especially with developers, think of it like the first Crysis. Yea its a good game, good 3d game blah blah, but it was fairly early with a lot of new tech shoved in all whilly nilly. Thats how VR is at the moment. You just have a bunch of devs who think they know everything that make games that perform like crap, but they were one of the first to put out a game, so they are considered like "Experts" in the field now. Same thing happened with crytek and crysis, they were hailed as kings, even though the performance was garbage, even with today hardware it sucks, it was just poorly done because it was new. Exact same thing with VR, its new, its not very good.  
    Hopefully with time it will stay a viable platform and advancements will continue like with crysis to crysis 3. Runs much better, looks a lot better, etc. Until then even 1080tis can struggle with very simple vr apps. The only hope for vr performance for right now is sli/crossfire because most single cards cant push out high framerates 100% of the time and still look fine. 
    In short, your hardware isnt necessarily bad, VR is. 
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