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Dual front facing sensors free locomotion suggestion

HiThere_HiThere_ Posts: 1,277
The idea is to treat the virtual body as a vehicle (car) to reduce first person motion sickness, without having to rotate your real life body (meaning using the default dual front facing sensor configuration), and without using thumbsticks for locomotion, for a first person 360° casual/exploration game.

And also to be able to walk in one direction while looking at another direction (instead of only being able to walk towards the direction your are looking, as if you had no neck).

Controls :
1) You move your virtual body forward/backward by bending your real life torso (not your headset) forward or backward.
2) You can activate or deactivate that frontward/backward virtual body movement by pressing the X button once.
3) You can select a new direction for your virtual body to gradually turn towards, by looking at the new direction you want and pressing the A button once (you can then continue to freely look around while your virtual body gradually turns itself towards the new direction you selected when you move forwards).

That means when body movement is deactivated you can :
- Bend over without triggering a virtual body movement.
- Rotate on the spot instead of rotating while walking forward, when you bend forward after you have used A to select a new direction for your virtual body.

Additional controls :
- Keep X pressed to tiptoe (near an edge...).
- Press Y or B to decrease or increase your default walking speed to your own convenience.
- The thumbsticks are both left available to be used for other things then locomotion, such as selecting one of the items that you are carrying for each hand.

Again, the reasons for suggesting this type of free locomotion :
- Not using thumbsticks for locomotion reduces motion sickness.
- Bending forward/backward to move also reduces motion sickness (by linking virtual movement to a physical movement).
- Less space required, no cable twisting, no cable tripping, less risk of bashing your hands into something...
- Provides 360° free movement with the recommended dual front facing sensors configuration.
- More natural rotation (then using your thumb to decide the amount of rotation).
- Allows you to look around you while walking forward (body/head separation).
- Leaves the thumbsticks available for other things.

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