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Importing meshes question

DreamShaperDreamShaper Posts: 728
edited September 2017 in Oculus Medium
Naturally the first thing I attempted to do was export a medium file and re-import it as a mesh.  (also seemed like it might have potentials as a tool for moving layers from one sculpt to another), although in this case, I attempted a full multi-layered sculpt.  

Wasn't sure which files are actually required, so I copied all the files from the sculpts folder into the import folder.  Medium didn't like that, and gave a warning about a duplicate asset ID and failed import. 

I deleted those files, renamed the obj and fbx file and tried to use those, medium wasn't having any of it.  Anyhow, questions:

Has anyone figured out if its possible to export from medium and then reimport as a mesh, if so how?  Also, which files are actually needed to be used for an import (.fbx, .obj, .png, etc) and do they all (if multiple) have to have the same basic file name?


  • MartinityMartinity Posts: 139 Poster of the Week
    Export as fbx with vertex color, place in the import/reference mesh folder. Should work fine
  • DreamShaperDreamShaper Posts: 728
    Excellent!  Thanks!  Looks like I tried to export it as texture instead of vertex.  Just needed the fbx file. Works smoothly.

    Appears to have carried the color information.  When converting to clay comes in as a single layer, unsurprisingly, so if using multiple materials will want to export those layers as separate sculpts. 

    If this feature gets used much, the next request that people are going to have, is "export selected layer(s)".

    Very nice. 

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