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Echo Arena Video Tutorial- tips, tricks and review

Hi everyone! I'm AdMan and I'm new to the forum.

I wanted to start by saying how much I love Echo Arena! Finally, an eSport I can get behind. I've been playing this whenever I can.

As wonderful as this game is, I've notice some players have a hard time adapting when they first start out. Well, I wanted to help people enjoy the game, so I produced this youtube video.

While I did the recording during the beta, everything still applies. Scoring, launching, strategies and techniques. I think it can be informative and can help people get a great start.

I'm trying to get my foot in the door as a youtuber, focusing mostly on VR. Frankly, I'm hoping to start a new career in making videos. So if you liked that, I just finished a video on Lone Echo.

This is my series "First Try VR!" This is where I play VR titles and give my review based on my first time playing.

Hope you all like this! Be kind and constructive! And yes, I try to start all my videos with a funny intro/sketch.


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