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Are there official facial interface replacements?

bluebirdgryphonbluebirdgryphon Posts: 1
Hi, I've had my Oculus for about a year now, and the facial interface is starting to gradually wear down. I'm using the CV1 version. I don't really like any of the third party options from Amazon or other sites, is there a way to get another official interface made by Oculus?

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  • CrashFuCrashFu Posts: 1,567 Valuable Player
    Just curious, have you tried the third-party replacements, or was there just something about them that you knew wouldn't work for you?

    I mean, I like the default interface just fine, but I'm also pretty curious about those Velour replacements that VR Cover sells.
    Anxiously awaiting the Rift-S.
  • aerodyneaerodyne Posts: 40
    Brain Burst
    I noticed the VR covers have come down massively in price. When they first launched they were really expensive.
  • Rob_In_PhoenixRob_In_Phoenix Posts: 293
    Nexus 6
    I got the VR Cover standard set on Amazon and I can say it is way more comfortable than the Oculus one.  There's a wide variety of opinions out there on the aftermarket facial interfaces, but for me this one works very well.
  • Protocol7Protocol7 Posts: 276
    Nexus 6
    Seeing that there are replacements available for the facial interface made be a bit braver than I used to be. I have always wanted the headset to be a little closer to my face, I could tighten it fully but then it would get very uncomfortable after a few minutes. So I removed the foam from the facial interface, but then ripped it in half and just stuck the top section on. Now I have greatly improved comfort and field of view. Note that this may be because of my particular facial structure and may cause terrible results for you.

    I would have preferred the multiple facial interfaces that Palmer Luckey promised before the release of CV1

  • MradrMradr Posts: 3,212 Valuable Player
    edited September 2017
    Granted if you ask me the items there are about 10$ too much for what they are: Remote, Cable, and Face Interface are a bit over price.
  • flexy123flexy123 Posts: 791
    edited September 2017
     I agree the €39 for an official replacement are ridiculous, so is the price for the remote :)
    But the price for the BASIC VRcover set with replacement intf, PU leather cover and fabric cover is reasonable seeing that all this is included, and despite some flaws (flipping and flopping fabric cover etc.) it's still better/more comfortable than the standard.
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