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Serious Battery Drain!?

k7ntrk7ntr Posts: 3
So I stopped using my Gear VR for a while due to the lack of performance and heat issues. Now after over 4 months of not using it, I noticed a TON of performance upgrades and I love it! Makes my meditation apps so much easier and smoother now. However, I noticed a HUGE battery drain no matter what app I use! I lose about nearly 10 percent battery in an hour and I don't have background apps running! Sync is even off. Has anyone else experienced this and found a correction? Thanks!

I use a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge


  • JMDaemonJMDaemon Posts: 56
    Hiro Protagonist
    Thats good to see, looks like they made some balance checks where some performance increases were not worth higher clock speeds and such. I never had any issues on my s8, I don't know if it matters for gear vr but I never use the high performance mode on it. 
  • 1point21jiggawattz1point21jiggawattz Posts: 111
    That sounds normal. They take a lot of power.
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  • bbagnallbbagnall Posts: 124
    Battery drain is part of the experience. 10% in an hour sounds better than me. I was going to suggest 85% drained after 2 hours.
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