Audio (Dialog) problems in Lone Echo — Oculus
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Audio (Dialog) problems in Lone Echo


When I play the game, dialogs just sounds like someone press FF on a video. You know, the fast, high pitch, squishy voice ?    So the whole game's dialog is pretty much not understandable. (Start right from the loading screen, prior to the tutorial)

I'm not sure if it has something to do with the CPU instruction warning before the game ?  (Mine is i7 920 ..the very first i7 generation, so it's not meet both of the Oculus and Lone Echo requirements, but no problems with other games so far.)

*Note that all other sounds in the game are perfectly fine.   Just the dialog, specifically. :/

Does anyone experienced the similar problems ?  How did you fix it ?


  • Fredi125Fredi125 Posts: 4
    Hello guys!
    I made a workaround for this.
    If you raise or lower the volume on your computer it forces a resynch, so I made a AutoHotKey script that raises and lowers it by 1% every 3 minutes. It's a workaround rather than a solution, but it did fix it for me.
    Here's a compiled version (you can run it without having to install anything) :
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