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Photo 360 app showing white cube-edge lines in 12x1 cubemap

KonichowaaKonichowaa Posts: 1
Hi, I'm pretty new to gearVR but after some succesfull tests with rendering a 3D-project for GearVR, I always have white borderlines for the cube in 12x 1 cubemap images. It's quite unnoticable on light surfaces in the image but on dark surfaces you can clearly see the cube borders and some fading out from these borders, resulting in color differences.

Does anyone have this same problem? I'll try to attach some example images.,
the image "1.jpg" is a photoshop explanation of what to look for (exaggerated). the other ones are 12x1 cube maps that show the lines. 

The image VR-0020postprocessing has it worse than the non PP version
Equi-rectangular spherical panoramas don't have this obviously...

any tips are most welcome, thanks

PS: floating books, overexposed,... still WIP guys
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