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App for stereo photos

daniele.pagella.1daniele.pagella.1 Posts: 1
Hi there, 
what app can I use to play stereo photos like this?
Thanks a lot!


  • RoasterRoaster Posts: 841
    I use Whirligig. Only one I've found that works for SBS or OU .jpg. Set stretch to 0 or 50 for full SBS or half SBS. Still nothing for .mpo files though, so they have to be converted to L & R images and manually combined as one SBS..
    The settings for a type of image can be saved as a preset and applied to others of that type. After that the settings are remembered for each image.
    Use the right joystick for advancing through a folder or manipulating the timeline of a vid.
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  • isla9isla9 Posts: 16
    What about Stereo Vision Capture? 
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