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how do I save/load my controller settings in dirt rally with the oculus rift?

jfailjfail Posts: 3
I bought dirt rally from oculus a couple of months ago, it works great and I love running it. However, I have one problem that is extremely annoying and I simply cannot figure it out. The problem is setting up settings for my CH products eclipse yoke, trying to save those settings and then use those settings on startup of the game.

When I go into options and extras and select direct input device (wheel) I can set up all my settings for steering, brakes views etc. but when I exit there is no menu or prompt to save those settings to a file which one could load on startup of dirt rally. The only selections are Edit setup or Revert to previous.

This is driving me crazy I have been at it for a month trying to figure it out. The long and short of it is I cannot save a preset on them had that same preset available to me at startup. Perhaps I am missing some silly thing but I would sure appreciate it if somebody could help me out on saving my settings.


  • 74Loki74Loki Posts: 31
    Brain Burst
    I'm not sure exactly how the CH Yoke differs from a steering wheel so I can't comment on that. However, I use a G29 ffb steering wheel, h - shifter and pedals. I go into the steering wheel settings and edit them to what I want them and then back out of the menu. It saves those settings and uses them every time I log back into the game. If yours are reverting to some other preset I would suspect there is maybe compatibility issues with using the CH Yoke. Although if it works on your initial edit I'm not sure why it wouldn't be using those every time you logged in after.
  • jfailjfail Posts: 3
    Thanks for the input but I seem to be getting nowhere. I selected the Xbox controller preset which allowed me to maneuver around the menus etc. I then into controls selected the Xbox controller and I changed some of controls for example steer left responded it tightly to the eclipse yoke as well as steer right. Also I changed the acceleration/break/reverse and the game responded to all of those when setting controls. I defined look left/right/up/down etc. as the eight way hat switch which the game responded to them ok.  I defined on of the lower right switches as "Pause" and another as "Recover", again the settings responded ok to that.  After finishing my definitions I pressed "B" on the controller (since there seems to be no "Save and Exit" function).  It obviously is not saving my definitions correctly since when I go back to the game or reload the game selecting Xbox controller as the preset has lost all of my definitions.  This is maddeningly frustrating.  I do not for the life of me understand why Code Masters does not provide a "Save and Exit" or at least a "Save preset by name function" and allow one to select a preset on startup.  I love this game but I am beginning to absolutely detest this area of the game and it is giving me pause and thoughts to just abandon it,  BeamNG and Rfactor respond and save my settings with no problem at all and work every time but of course neither of them have VR.

    Thanks again for your suggestions.
  • TadinTadin Posts: 194
    I havent played for a couple of months but using my Logitec G29 I'd have to reselect it every time I played, it would never remember and always default to the XBOX controller.
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