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The Lab sound issue

leppard2leppard2 Posts: 39
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Hi just thought i would try the Lab on steam but i cant get sound to work from rift , i have set up sound on steam to go from Rift but it changes nothing and stays on PC speakers.


  • RoasterRoaster Posts: 841
    I have an icon in Oculus Home for the Lab, which showed up automatically. Do you use Steam VR?  I had to start Steam VR before Descent would come to the Rift. Then an icon for Descent showed up in Oculus Home.
    I'm thinking if you get it to show up in Home it might work.
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  • leppard2leppard2 Posts: 39
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    hey there thanks for you reply, yea i run it first on steam and then from Oculus home but i still have no sound. :( 
  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 23,033 Oculus Staff
    edited September 13
    Do you have the audio set up to the Rift headphones in Oculus settings? Do other games (say on the Oculus store) work?
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  • leppard2leppard2 Posts: 39
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    hi there i got it to work buy putting the steam VR audio setting back to there default and not changing to Oculus headphones lol 

    All other games on Oculus home are ok thanks.
  • LitespeedLitespeed Posts: 261
    Nexus 6
    edited September 14
    If you are starting VR programs from outside of Oculus Home you have to change the default audio device in Windows.
    If you are tired of switching manually between monitor/speakers and Rift I recommend getting the Oculus Tray Tool. That will do that automatically depending on whether Oculus Home is running or not (among other useful things). 
  • leppard2leppard2 Posts: 39
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    Thanks for your help, i run a steam app from Oculus home with the headset on and I did have to change default audio in Windows to Rift.

    Maybe I will look in to the Tray Tool as i does get annoying changing audio in windows.
    Thanks for the info.
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