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WebVR problems with the CV1?

Rave185Rave185 Posts: 31
Brain Burst
Hey guys! I just wanted to post this in discussion to see if anyone had found a solution. I'm trying to play WebVR content on my PC with the Rift CV1 and the Home version of the SDK (cause everyone should be on that by now if they have CV1, right?) and for some odd reason WebVR can track my headset, allowing cameras for the player in webVR content to move around, but some error is causing Firefox Nightly to not send the video feed to my headset, or sound for that matter. Has anyone been able to find a workaround for this, or are we all just stuck until Oculus releases Carmel for Rift? thx, I hope someone knows what's wrong! ^^


  • eigenmishieigenmishi Posts: 2
    If it's not working, double-check to make sure that you've installed the 64-bit version of Firefox! WebVR support does not seem to work with the 32-bit version.
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