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Oculus Rift working with Alienware 17r2 Notebook

YounecornYounecorn Posts: 3
edited September 2017 in Off-Topic
I have an Alienware17 r2 Laptop and was told that, officially, my Oculus Rift (CV1) would NOT work with my laptop. After some sleuthing I found this is untrue. NOTE: AN OCULUS RIFT WILL NOT WORK WITH A STANDARD ALIENWARE LAPTOP. THIS IS ABOUT HOW I GOT IT TO WORK USING AN EXTERNAL GPU.

I had the processing power in my laptop to handle the VR system, however my HDMI port was not connected to my dedicated graphics card which is required to use the Oculus. It will not work if it is connected to Integrated graphics. A very simple - though semi-expensive if you do not have the funds - solution is to purchase an Alienware Graphics Amplifier along with a graphics card. With the amplifier, I can plug my entire set up (both sensors and the headset; 3 USB 3 ports and 1 HDMI port) into the Amplifier, which connects to Alienware Laptops via a specialized port. My Rift runs flawlessly. (I was able to get a Founders Edition GTX 1080 card for a good price; you should only get standard or FE editions graphic cards or they may not fit in the amplifier). I've had no stuttering or lag, aside from the typical issues associated with knocking a sensor over (due to clumsiness). I have had some issues getting Steam VR to work, but by plugging in an alternative screen and shutting my laptop the issue was resolved. Essentially, my post is to highlight that Yes, an Alienware laptop can handle and run VR without having to purchase a desktop.

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