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10metre Active USB 3.0 Oculus sensor extension

LordQuakeLordQuake Posts: 180
Can anyone report if they have managed to get the Oculus Rift sensors working on active 10metre extension cables from a standard USB 3.0 port off their mainboards? If so what brand / model?

I'm changing furniture around and now need to move one of my front sensors (currently on a CableCreation 5m active extension) to the other corner of room. All sensors are mounted at ceiling height and I need to go the long way around the room (conduits in place) to get there.

Also, on the subject of cables, I invested in a KabelDirect 0.5 metre HDMI extension for the Rift headset, have not been able to get it to work correctly, black screen out intermittently, any advice on known good HDMI extenders 1m only would be good too.


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