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The Wizards Free Locomotion Update is live with -15% on Store

paulgajdapaulgajda Posts: 1
After six weeks of hard work, free locomotion update for The Wizards is finally ready! This update introduces free movement, free teleportation and plenty of new features to enhance the experience of free exploration.


Fully customizable free movement...

… and free teleportation

New area on Ruins Stage 1 - make sure to revisit it!

Item pick-ups

Interactive crank wheels (grab and rotate)

Blocking melee attacks with shield

New tutorial

Hourglasses (restore HP / give more points)

Fireball and Frost Bow visuals enhanced

We’ve been waiting for this moment for the long time and we hope that you’ll like the new movement schemes and new possibilities as much as we do. 

When you run the game for the first time after the update, you’ll have to finish a new tutorial, even if you’ve already played The Wizards. We’d also like to encourage everyone who have played the game before to revisit Stage One on Ruins. Now, it’s longer, with new encounters, puzzles and precious items to collect.

What's coming next?

In the following weeks, we’re going to release some small patches that would fix bugs and be a response to your suggestions. Next major update will introduce Arcade Mode with two new stages and a new spell. We’re open to your ideas so please join our Discord server and Discussion on Community Hub.
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